The Heroik Power of Headlines E-Book



In this pivotal work, you’ll learn Heroik’s lean approach to effective content strategy, with an emphasis on article and blog content. Specifically, the book be focuses on creating captivating headlines and the various tactics to form them and honor the promise they set by delivering quality content.You will learn what makes captivating content from the headline to the imagery and beyond as well as the strategies to make it happen.

By the numbers, in this book you will find:
● 81 Headline recipes that will change the way you create content and build your audience forever!
● The 3 Stages of the Audience Action Path
● The Heroik 9 step process to content creation
● Over 200 Headline examples as well as 201 opportunities for you to add
your own and really learn these techniques
● 140 Thought provoking questions to bring your content in alignment with
your target audience
● Over 37 tips and tricks to improve your content and streamline your
● 109 Trigger words & phrases that win
● 8 Things to remember when courting your audience
● 7 Ways to add meaningful content without watering it down
● 4 Content mastery exercises ­ for expanded learning and even more
● 9 Guerilla marketing tactics to help promote your content
● How to unlock and master the Heroik power of your brand


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