Our Origin Story

How Our Heroik Journey Started

Heroik all started with a kayak, a crisis, and an epiphany for a new way to work and live.

Our story takes place long ago, before the days of the iphone, iwatch, or even a 4G network. One summer morning, while kayaking on Lake Tahoe, Nicholas received a phone call. He reached into his dry bag and pulled out his phone (an ancient ancestor of the modern smartphone) and answered it. It was a client calling for help. They had a huge crisis. Their most important network was down, access to their systems was cut off, and dollars were being burned by the minute. As an IT consultant and creative problem solver, Nicholas was the go-to guy for such emergencies. However, at that minute, he was in no man’s land, surrounded by water, hours and miles away from his laptop, and his client site was hundreds of miles away.


After hanging up and without skipping a beat, he fired up his phone which he had hacked to add special tools for occasions like these. After briefly taking a moment to appreciate the full 3G signal, he remotely connected to his client’s network and resolved the issue. He had saved the day and huge sums of money for his client without leaving the water; just a mobile phone, a solid data connection, and a little tech wizardry.


He paddled onward, on a serene flat lake. As he went on his way, reflecting on the moment, the profound implications and context of what he had just done for his client, himself and his company brought the most smug smile to his face. It was on that day that he realized that all of his passions, values, company culture, and knowledge came together to make that moment possible.

This was the work-life; the sustainable balance of the creation of value and the enjoyment of an abundant life. This is what we all aspire to do. This is the stuff of legends.

It was in this moment that he realized the DNA of his company could be refined and shared with individuals seeking to improve their lives, inspire their teams, increase performance and resonate with the world. Like us, businesses are born with a certain DNA structure,  but it’s been discovered that you can also influence and change your DNA patterns. It was that day that Heroik DNA began to evolve. Technology and mobility had always been a priority, along with a passion for adventure, travel, health, the outdoors and enjoying life. Balancing passion, health, and technological wizardry allowed him to operate optimally, leading a lean, high performing team and building a culture that focused on quality of life and the creation of real value. This epiphany, this alchemy; this bringing together of these seemingly unrelated elements of quality of life, work, culture, and abundance were at once brought to the forefront and focus as Heroik’s business model.

And so, Heroik started as a human centric tech firm of interdisciplinary creative geeks. It has evolved into a modern business consultancy and social enterprise with a niche for developing brands, culture and teams that add value and quality of life for all of us; for society as a whole, clients, customers and the firm as well.

This epiphany is the heart and soul of what Heroik aspires to do; elevate, connect, and grow the brand, the business, the people, the culture, and so on. It’s about thrivalism; the art of living well. The goal and impact we hope to achieve is to bring people to their own moments on whatever landscapes motivate them to enjoy them and reach for more.


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