5 Things High Performance Organizations Know About Themselves

That Average Companies Don’t

what the avg org knows2

What do high performance organizations know about themselves that regular companies don’t? Quite a bit, especially about their brand, their people, and their business.

1. They understand their brand identity (purpose, mission, values, and beliefs,) to the point that they are institutionalized and well practiced in their culture. If you get tired of hearing that. Take the brand assessment challenge – and see if you can answer some basic questions about your brand and business off the top of your head. According to a recent Gallup survey, 64% of Managers don’t know what their company stands for or what makes it stand out from the competition. The study only counts those brave enough to say they don’t know. Think about all those who too afraid to answer honestly.

2. Their culture reinforces these beliefs, and seeks to drive high performance. By empowering all employees to deliver upon the brand promise, engagement for both employees and customers increases. By deploying strategies that manage for not just time but energy and attention of their employees, they get better contributions, greater insights, and ensure that everyone is a better ambassador for the brand.

3. Their customer knowledge does not assume a linear or perfectly logical supply/demand relationship. They get into the irrational realities and behavioral truths that connect and engage them as human beings with shared values and experiences. This knowledge isn’t left to be watered down by linear quantified methods, but integrated with emotional and social intelligence throughout the organization.

4. Their positioning advances from these factors as does their keen understanding of the industry and the competitive landscape. With sharper tools and sharper vision, these organizations identify and discern greater opportunities that are invisible to the competition.

5. Their understanding of technology is based on combining multiple traditional job functions into interdisciplinary roles such as Chief Marketing Technologist, where leadership, emotional intelligence, and marketing skills are combined with a keen understanding of technology, data analytics, and infrastructure required to achieve business goals.


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