We help leaders and teams design growth engines for business and life.

Heroik is a consulting firm that helps businesses and people elevate, connect, and grow from thought to profit. Our Mission is to build growth engines for business and get people mission ready for life, by providing unique experiences in technology, leadership and culture.

Our clients learn how to bring new values, insights, processes and tools together to elevate their organizations. We make this happen with intention, by design, and have pioneered in this field for over 14 years.

What We Can Do For Your Business

Develop a World Class Brand

Create an identity worth bragging about; that resonates with your team and your customers. Show the ever unfolding story of  your values in action. Add to the depth of your character and fly your flag high.

Build High Performance Culture

Get the most from your team by giving the most to them. Develop the skills, rituals, habits, process, and policies to better serve your team, your customers, and lead your company.

Refine Your Growth Strategy

Revisit your vision and path to growth, create and refine goals that are aligned with your brand, customers, and business objectives. Create a plan that leverages the unique attributes of your team to make it happen.

Show You Better Ways To Manage Your Time, Energy & Attention (TEA)

Learn the new metrics of high performance and the tools and techniques leading organizations are using to manage time, energy and attention. Where are you pouring your TEA?

Design Amazing, Human-Centric Experiences

Create remarkable experiences that embody the spirit of your brand; that captivate and connect you with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Create & Manage Presence

Strategically develop, high-quality content and commercial insights that resonate with your market. Draw your audience into a digital environment where you can earn their focused attention.

84% of organizations are losing a fortune from a lack of an aligned brand, mission and culture.

Customers and employees disengage with brands when the messages, actions, and focus are out of alignment with its promise, values, and espoused culture. This decreases revenue, erodes loyalty, and cripples productivity, energy and performance across the board.

  • 87% of employees are disengaged from work.

  • 6 out of 10 employees don’t know what the company stands for and what sets it apart from the competition (including 40% of executives who are willing to admit it).

  • 1 in 5 disengaged customers believes the brand is breaking its promises.

  • Almost 3 out 4 employees are experiencing a personal energy crisis (struggling with burnout, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and feel a lack of higher purpose).

Where do you want to grow today?

We offer a better way of working, that addresses the strategic alignment of your brand, mission and culture to drive high performance.

Brands We Work With

Want boost your business performance?

Heroik Services

Heroik is a comprehensive consultancy and offers many services to help its clients achieve growth from thought to profit. Below is a list of some of them.

Design & Production Services

  • Responsive, Mobile First, Web Design and Development
  • E-Commerce, Membership Sites Academies,
  • Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Trip Wires & Funnels
  • Webinars, Slide Decks, and Video Production
  • App Development For iOS and Android
  • Graphic Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Media Kits
    • Mockups
  • Product Design

Publishing Services

  • Content Creation (blog articles, whitepapers, case studies and research)
  • Podcast Production, Distribution & Growth
  • Books, eBooks, Getting on Amazon
  • Digital Downloads
  • Ghost Writing Services (for books, ebooks, articles, etc.)
  • Methodology Creation

Speaking, Training & Event Services

  • Keynotes, Inspiration & Motivation Talks
  • Summits, Retreats & Fireside Chats
  • TLC 101 – Technology, Leadership and Culture
  • Heroes Are MADE – Mastery, Abundance, Discernment & Exploration
  • Heroik can facilitate and design an amazing event for you, your company or customers.

Consulting Services

  • Business Management
  • Digital Strategy & Transformation
  • Marketing & Sales, Strategy & Tactics
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Community Development & Management
    • Digital Marketing Strategies From Thought to Profit
  • Operations & Productivity
  • Process Design & Product Development
  • Experience Design (on and off the screen for pixels, physical spaces and events)
  • Project Management
  • Brand Development (Brand Identity, Narrative, and Bringing Things to Life)

For Leaders, Owners & Their Teams

  • Executive Leadership Coaching, Accountability Partnerships
  • Leadership Development & Team Building
  • Time Management & Time Blocking Techniques
  • Noise Filters, Focus Finders
  • Strength Finders and Strength Builders
  • Learn How to Design Better Retreats, Summits & Training



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